Health-span: Debunked.

Today, we’re chatting about health-span. We know we bang on about it a lot, but stay with us, it’s an important one. 

Let’s debunk what health-span ACTUALLY means. Unlike its cousin, lifespan, which is the amount of years you’re walking (or simply existing) on the planet. Health-span means the number of those years that you’ve got that pep in your step, and not rotting away in a chair. Because who cares about living longer, if longer means miserable? 

Now you’re clued up, let’s look at how we can lengthen our years feeling and looking good. 

  1. Our favourite saying, “Don’t eat shit and move a bit”.
    You don’t need to splash out on a membership at your local PureGym, or fill the trolley with nothing but greens, you simply need to move a moderate amount, most of the time and only eat when you’re hungry. Why? Because that’s all it takes. 
  2. Now with that being said, healthy isn’t healthy without balance.
    We don’t want to encourage you to live a miserable life and permanently refrain from cookies, or perhaps a glass of wine after a long day's work. In moderation, the alcohol and the sugar won’t do you any harm if paired with a balanced diet and lifestyle.
  3. And for our most reputable mention - evidence based supplementation. Who saw that one coming? This is the one that everyone has heard much less about, but can do much more than you’d think. While evidence-based supplementation isn’t a magic wand to feeling and looking younger, when paired with eating well and moving a bit, it really packs a punch, which is why we have so much passion for it. 

Don’t fall into the rut of taking too many supplements to count, this is not only inconvenient but the costs really rack up. And this is where JOLT truly shines. By combining the 7 ingredients that  have the most significant impact, our founders have worked to combine these into an easy, one dose per day offering, and as our customers say “it’s the BUSINESS.” 

“But why JOLT? There’s cheaper alternatives and I can get the same ingredients for much less.”

Now we’d hate to show you up, but we’re going to do it anyway. Across the market, you may well find a cheap pot of NMN, or some Resveratrol for a few quid, but to get the pure ingredients, with no added rubbish, that have also been third-party tested, it’s not that easy. 

During the pre-JOLT days, our founders spent a tear-dropping amount on their daily doses, and we hate to think of what they (and so many others) could have saved. Oh, and did we mention that we were so proud of our formula, we confidently put it under clinical scrutiny in double blind trials? And spoiler alert: JOLT is in fact the dogs b*ll*cks. So, watch this space, as the results are on their way. 

Now, if we haven’t hit the spot with the answers you were looking for, or you’re simply an anti-ageing nerd, you can download our eBook, packed with all the information you might need when it comes to longevity, as well as the ultimate guide to living a longer, healthier life. After all, your age is just the number of candles on the cake. 

Sending good vibes, The JOLT Team. 

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