We’re a husband, wife, and husbands-best-mate team of three people passionate about increasing people's ‘health-spans’. 

JOLT is our award winning, evidence based supplement for ordinary men and women who want to feel younger for longer. 

Lindsey Kane (wife of stand-up comedian Russell Kane), had a bit of an existential crisis 8 years ago as she contemplated motherhood. “Is this it? Is there more road behind me now?” ...and other dark thoughts like that. Speaking to other women it turned out this was extremely common (and in a field dominated by wealthy, nerdy men, unsurprisingly that this insight had been roundly missed). 

These emotions then are not just from women in their 50s - but in their late twenties and thirties too; women looking to FEEL younger for longer; be younger for longer.

Anyone with a heartbeat should be interested in this life science. 

Meanwhile, Russell Kane - was on board a Stand-Up career rocket at the absolute peak of workaholic, energy-draining chaos 8 years ago touring an act that was like Lee Evans on a mountain of coffee (with a Red Bull in there too). This happened right at the age most people’s energy begins to flag, and sometimes their creativity too. 

Russell became interested in a new emerging science which sought to treat ageing as a DISEASE to be battled, not an inevitability. Only death is inevitable. (Both onstage and in real life). 

Turns out most men are passionate about feeling younger for longer too.

If ageing is a disease - what’s its cause? What are its treatments? 

Russell’s best mate is Daniel Stone: friends since they were 8 years old (they met at swimming lessons in Enfield). Daniel is a bona fide science-doing, Dungeons and Dragons playing nerd. 

He worked in medicine for a decade, and is now CTO of a successful tech business. Daniel is highly passionate about health-span science and believes that although we might be numerically old, there is no need to feel those numbers. 

The pair still go to Ibiza every year. Ageing badly is not an option. Acting like fools, very much still on the cards. 

Also on board, employed and consulting, is Dr Hussain Al- Zubaidi. He is an NHS GP doctor with television profile and is almost evangelical about preventative behaviours in regard to ageing better. 

He believes JOLT will speak to people who as yet are completely shut out of the anti-ageing conversation, so long as that is paired with education around diet and exercise too. 

And finally......Let’s talk about tortoises… 

Some Great Tortoises live to 150 years old. 

A 149 Great Tortoise is not frail - it’s as agile as a 50 year old tortoise. It has no crappy, wobbly phase at the end. It just passes away. This is possible for humans too. All the science suggests it. Humans just need a little Jolt to get going. Not life-span... but health-span. Better life quality, not just longer life.