It’s official. JOLT has packed its suitcase and set off to the UAE! Since co-founders Russell and Lindsey Kane launched JOLT just over a year ago, JOLT has exceeded ALL of our expectations. We’ve sold out THREE times, won gold at ‘Get The Gloss’ for the best energy supplement, and aced our clinical trials, proving that JOLT officially slows down the ageing process. And now, we’re bringing JOLT to the UAE. The Ultimate Age Blocker has landed in the desert sands and is ready to make you feel 21 again.


What is JOLT?


For those of you wondering what JOLT actually is – let us clear things up. JOLT is a supplement designed to slow down the ageing process, packed with 7 scientifically-backed ingredients for a convenient daily dose. For years, Russell was splashing his cash on a medicine cabinet full of different supplements. As costs soared and things got overwhelming, Lindsey spotted an opportunity. We took the leap and chose the 7 ingredients that are scientifically proven to have the biggest impact on your health-span. We combined them into our little golden pills of goodness – and let’s just say, we’re pretty damn proud of them.

For the past week, Russell and Lindsey have flown across the pond to the glamorous city of Dubai. However, they’ve had no time to soak up the 38 degree heat. Oh no, they’ve been busy spreading the word about JOLT. The pair have featured on the Kris Fade show with Virgin Radio and have been chatting it up on Dubai Eye on the Helen Farmer show, mingling with influencers and fellow business owners at the Dubai Collective event followed by the official launch of JOLT at The Baby Expo.


“The difference between ordering JOLT in the UK and ordering JOLT in the UAE, is that if you order it in the UAE, you are likely to get it within the hour, on your doorstep, and you can start taking it the same day. How great will that be?” - Lindsey Kane, Co-founder of JOLT.


How can I get my hands on JOLT?


For our new UAE JOLTers, getting your hands on your first bottle of JOLT is a piece of cake. From the 7th June, you can order from Amazon, Noon or CFYhealth. Stock in the UAE is limited for the time being, so snap this up quickly! 

Further afield than the UAE? Rest assured that behind the scenes, the JOLT team are working around the clock to make your days brighter, and your health-span longer, (no matter where you are in the world.) So, watch this space, as there are loads of exciting things in the pipeline and we’re about to kick things up a notch!

Sending good vibes always, The JOLT Team. 

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