JOLT: Laughing in the face of ageing.

Ever found yourself pondering over the inevitable road of ageing, wishing there was a way to hit the brakes? Well, we bring you JOLT - an evidence based, one dose per day supplement designed to rewrite the health rulebook. Come and join us, as we show you not only how JOLT works its magic, but also the journey of our two founders - Lindsey and Russell, who have committed themselves to mastering the art of staying younger for longer, since day one. 

Before we dive into the exciting world of JOLT, let's get down and dirty, so we can truly understand how JOLT works. 

What actually happens when we age?

Ageing has two overarching components - Copying and Clearing out, a troublesome pair when done badly. Imagine your body as a factory churning out copies of cells, day in, day out. And now think of a photocopier that gets cranky after a million prints - the quality decreases, mistakes happen and they tend to make more with age. Unfortunately, those mistakes are proportional to disease and illnesses, now that’s something no one wants to hear. 

And don’t forget the spring cleaning! Your body is supposed to clear out the old, dead (senescent cells) but sometimes slacks off, letting those oldies spoil the party for the rest of us. In simplistic terms, they’re like the boring uncle that says the music is too loud, or the little cousin that has a tantrum and is sent home. Enter wrinkles, aches and the whole ageing shebang!

The brains behind JOLT:

Now here is when Lindsey and Russell come in, and for you readers to truly understand the passion we have here at JOLT, it’s important to know the reason it all came about. First we had Russell - who was navigating his way through stand-up comedy, fuelled by enough caffeine to wake up a hibernating bear. Fed up of feeling those heavy energy dips, and seeing those expression wrinkles, decided to explore how he could treat ageing as a battle, not a given.

Rewinding 15 years, Russell began to research biohacking  and as a result began taking a whole bunch of supplements, although it was expensive and arguably inconvenient, Russell pursued as he saw the difference it was making. Meanwhile, riding the road of motherhood, Lindsey found herself facing a rather uninviting thought. She became certain that there was more road behind her now, and to be truthful, held quite a fear of dying - a common thought that’s often left untold. Now, these emotions are not just confined to women in their 50s, but also women in their twenties and thirties, searching for a way to look and FEEL younger, a crisis JOLT helps us tackle head on. After seeing Russell’s noticeable benefits of taking these supplements, Lindsey Um’d and Ah’d about joining the bandwagon.

After deciding it was just too overwhelming, that lightbulb moment came, and why had no one done it sooner? They rolled 7 of the most beneficial ingredients into a once a day capsule. Daniel Stone (Russell’s best mate) got on board too, wanting to wave goodbye to the wrinkles and say hello to a longer, healthier life. These guys still hit Ibiza every year too, while premature ageing is out, acting like over excited teenagers is forever in. And for an honourable mention we have, Dr Hussain Al-Zubaidi, JOLT’s brainy ambassador, who brings his medical expertise and a passion for preventative ageing into the mix. Bringing their passion and knowledge together, Lindsey and Russell have crafted JOLT from the ground up. 

Now, you're probably wondering what magic lies within the JOLT capsules. We’ve got a concoction of anti-ageing wizards. From NMN, the same stuff you find in broccoli and avocados, to Ceramosides to keep that skin barrier healthy, we have 7 potent ingredients ready to battle those aches, pains and wrinkles. But wait, JOLT doesn’t just stop at turning the clock back on your skin, our clinical trials prove the benefits to the bits and bobs beyond the surface. From strengthening bone density, to increasing testosterone levels, JOLT has more benefits than we can count. No more fake orgasms or dry times when it comes to the bedroom. 

We get it. You might be sceptical. A comedian creating an anti-ageing supplement? Is this some kind of cosmic joke? Russell’s jokes may have you in stitches (or maybe they don’t) but when it comes to ageing, we take it seriously. Now if you are to take anything from this blog post, don’t let it be our cringey jokes, but let it be the fact this is NOT anything new. It’s simply combining some kick-ass ingredients into a more convenient (and cheaper) alternative. What else could you want? So next time you look at Russell, who’s been doing this s*** since the start, it’s not botox, it’s not the top of the end skin care, it’s JOLT. So, join us in making sure we’re rocking it in Ibiza at 60, not rocking in a chair. 

We’ll see you there.

Disclaimer: Side effects may include an irresistible urge to high-five strangers due to newfound vitality.  

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