The PROOF is in: JOLT makes your body younger.

To those who may still harbour doubts and those perched on the fence debating how something that only costs £1.99 a day can actually change your life, we’ve got the proof and are so excited to share. 

Now there’s nothing wrong with scepticism, especially when it comes to putting substances into your body - we get it. But we are so proud of our formula, we confidently put it under clinical scrutiny in double blind trials. So, let’s dive into the results.

Our new research study shows a: 6% Improvement in lean muscle mass AND a 13.8% increase in ‘free testosterone’ levels when supplementing with your daily dose of JOLT. 

So, what does this mean?

Muscle mass is a big one, by ensuring your muscles are lean, your body is not only stronger but also behaves in a younger manner. And for testosterone, there’s a whole load of kick-ass benefits, for both men AND women. 

Free testosterone is the active form of the hormone in your body that's ready to do its job. Having higher levels of free testosterone is like having a superhero inside you. It can boost your energy, mood, and sex drive. It also helps build muscles, keeps your bones strong, and might even make your brain work better! 

There's no shortage of businesses claiming to have a 'magic youth elixir.' But how often do you see real proof? Probably not too often - that was until you discovered JOLT.

What else does this ‘JOLT’ do?

Now we’ve mentioned the ins and outs of testosterone, we thought we’d impress you some more. After speaking to the participants of the trial, 100% of participants reported not only deeper sleep but improved sleep patterns after supplementing with JOLT. Now, that is one to brag about. So, say goodbye to restless nights spent tossing and turning, as you might have just found your fix. 

Let’s deep dive into the trials…

We had a diverse group in ethnicity, age and gender, who made absolutely no changes to his or her diet, exercise or life, they simply added JOLT. 

The clinical study was led by leading Harley Street doctor, Dr. Amit Sra, with 2 decades of experience, he really knows his stuff. We are extremely proud to have such a reputable voice for the study and he told us some pretty mind blowing results. With strength and vitality being the key focus of the study, Dr. Amit tested two key elements: muscle mass and ‘free testosterone’. 

For those of you who don’t know, free testosterone is the amount of ‘spare’ testosterone your body has available to utilise, and the levels of this can be influenced by factors such as supplementation. 

Cue JOLT casually strolling in, with a smirk on its face. After just 30 days of supplementing with JOLT, measurements determined by an MRI scan of the Brachioradialis, (I wouldn’t even attempt to say it if I were you - it’s the forearm), showed an overall improvement in lean muscle mass. And as for the testosterone, blood tests revealed that levels of ‘free testosterone’ had increased. Testosterone is absolutely vital for both men AND women. Particularly for those up and down times of pre and post menopause. More free testosterone also means faster recovery from life’s knocks, just like you did in your younger years. 

“Therefore, the clinical results have shown that supplementing JOLT makes you younger for longer.”
- Dr Amit. Sra. 

Dr. Amit explained, “By naturally improving the body’s ability to tap into more of its own testosterone stores JOLT has the potential to be life enhancing, helping to improve strength, bone density, sex drive, energy and sleep,”

“This powerful combination means that supplementing with JOLT could be transformative for fitness fanatics looking for a performance edge, or for women in the menopause transition, when the sex hormones are in decline.”

And, let’s not dress it up… JOLT might make you randy. But hey, at least the men will have the forearm strength to deal with that. 😉

In conclusion, the evidence is crystal clear: JOLT is your ticket to a younger, more vibrant you. If you've ever questioned how a supplement priced at just £1.99 a day could truly make a difference, the clinical trials speak volumes. 

We've put JOLT through rigorous testing, led by renowned Harley Street doctor, Dr. Amit Sra, and the results are nothing short of groundbreaking. With a 6% improvement in lean muscle mass and a whopping 13.8% increase in 'free testosterone' levels, JOLT is not just a supplement – it's a game-changer. 

So, why wait? Embrace the transformative power of JOLT, and step into a future where age is just a number. Your younger self is just a click away.

Purchase JOLT now and experience the difference firsthand.